LegComfort™ - a new electric integrated footrest at the touch of a button

With the LegComfort™ system, Stressless® takes our unbeatable comfort experience a significant step further. The new integrated footrest sets a precedent within industry through its heightened functionality whilst retaining a sleek design. Continuing our commitment as innovators of comfort; the new Stressless LegComfort™ models are smooth, quick and supremely comfortable. Most importantly this new mechanism works in perfect unison with the unbeatable Stressless® comfort.

The new LegComfort™ system - the elegantly integrated footrest

A light press of a button elevates the concealed footrest to give the legs and feet the comfortable support they need. Stressless® recliners and sofas now offer even more comfort thanks to the LegComfort™ system. The space-saving integrated footrest can be perfectly adapted to suit individual body types and offers a uniquely comfortable sitting experience. The LegComfort™ system is available in all recliner models with Classic bases in sizes M and L, in addition to two new sofa models Stressless® Breeze and Stressless® Lux. An optional battery pack is also available so that you enjoy the LegComfort™ system wirelessly.

Why LegComfort

The LegComfort™ system can be easily operated by gently pressing touch sensitive buttons and is faster than comparable systems..

The length of the footrest can be individually adapted to your own leg length.

The LegComfort™ system can be extended further than most comparable systems.
Stressless Live Recliner LegComfort

  • The elegant and slim design makes it easy to get out of the seat and offers complete freedom of movement even when the footrest is elevated.
  • The LegComfort™ system is also combined with the popular Stressless® Glide and Plus™ systems. This means, the lower back and neck area receive the optimal support they need.
  • The front end of the footrest automatically adapts to the position of the feet so that the ankles and heels receive optimal relief.
  • All Stressless® models with the LegComfort™ system come with a 10-year warranty on the steel frame, and internal mechanisms. In addition, you get a 5-year warranty on all electrical parts
    The footrest is hidden under the seat and then revealed through light pressure to the elegantly integrated buttons on the side of the seat.
  • The front of the footrest is angled for maximum relaxation; allowing the natural angle of the ankles in all positions.


The LegComfort™-system is available on all Stressless® Classic chairs in sizes M and L and on the two new Stressless® sofa designs – Stressless® Breeze and Stressless® Lux.